Ban books for hurting sentiments, ban cartoonists for sedition, ban comedy shows for being vulgar – basically ban the voice of this generation!

Are we turning into the Republic of the Offended?

By now, everybody is aware that comedy group All India Bakchod was forced to take down their roast video from YouTube because it had apparently offended many people. Writer, screenwriter and filmmaker Jaideep Verma’s documentary, “I Am Offended,” exploring the comedy scene in India released today and it couldn’t have been better timed!

Indian stand-up comics get candid about how comedy is not all laughter and fun and share how the industry is trying to speak up about the evils in a sensitive society that just doesn’t know how to laugh at themselves. This hard-hitting 102-minute long documentary was officially released on Being Indian ‘s YouTube channel.

Here are the first 15 minutes of the video:

And if you wish to watch the entire documentary, here it is: