Buffer speaks to all of us regularly. It’s just that it has never uttered the words aloud; it has always said things through words on a computer screen. But imagine if Buffer were an actual person like you and me and could talk to us. He or she would be that one annoying friend we all know who is forever making us wait, at some place or the other, for some reason or the other.

Here are 10 things Buffer would say if it were a person like you and me:

1. Bas paanch minute aur!

2. On the way, yaar!

3. Dus minute mein kya farak padta hai?

4. Traffic main fasa hoon yaar!

5. Ruk jaa na. Kaunsi train miss ho rahi hai teri!

6. Why are you so impatient?

7. Good things come to those who wait!

8. Jaldi kya hai?

9. I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming!

10. Patience is a virtue, my friend!

But no matter how angry we get with that friend who makes us all wait, we can’t do without him/her. The same way, we have to be patient with Buffer and in case you’re wondering why Buffer always make us wait, here is the answer:

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