Foot tapping, hand rolling, feet shifting, over-animated head and arms and answering a question without taking a moment to think… Does this remind you anyone? If these signs reminded you of the times you had to wait in long queues in washrooms, you’d also probably feel like punching the person who said ‘Patience is virtue’. Before you lose your patience, let’s just get to the point.

1. Every time you stand in a long queue, a part of you dies.

2. Speed means everything to you. Whether it’s cars or your internet connection, you want everything to be fast.

3. You worship the person who came up with the idea of online shopping, but you abhor the delivery system. Indeed, it helps you avoid the long queues, but why make us wait for days?

4. You believe people have not understood the purpose of Instant Messengers. They were invented to make communication more instant.

5. You have learnt how being impulsive and impatient is the worst combination after the disastrous haircut you got. The hair just won’t grow back!

6. You want your food served quickly, and for this reason you’ve fought numerous times with delivery boys and waiters!

7. You want to squish people walking in front of you really slowly.

8. When your phone or your laptop lags, you get really angry.

9. You hate advertisements that waste your time that you could have utilised watching the sitcom.

10. Speaking of which.. You Google the synopsis of all the series, before you start watching them. Because, who’s going to wait for 24 episodes to find out who killed Bambi?

11. Same is the case when it comes to books. You read the last page first because you have no patience to wait till you find out what happens.

12. You prefer making plans and implementing them instantly over waiting for it.

13. Anything you don’t understand in one go is baloney.

14. Since you can’t wait for your food to cool down a little, you’ve burnt your palate a million times.

15. You’ve never been able to get the flawless coat of nail paint, because waiting for it to dry is impossible!

16. The pain for waiting for your birthday to come again is intolerable.

17. You’ve suffered so much while waiting for a particular movie you had been wanting to watch, to release.

18. Sitting through a lecture or a meeting is plain torture, just be done with it already!

19. Someone saying ‘just a second’ makes your skin crawl.

20. You expect to lose 10 kg if you go running for 15 minutes.

Hey, you made it through the entire article. Maybe you’re not as impatient as you think you are!