Let’s face it. India and China have never been the best of friends. Distrust and suspicion runs deep beneath the numerous rounds of ‘peace talks’. It’s highly unfortunate that both the countries still haven’t been able to overcome a mutual sense of distrust that’s a direct consequence of a turbulent history they share.

Thus, more often than not, there’s tension at the border. One such instance was captured in a video which showed Indian and Chinese soldiers getting into a verbal spat regarding patrolling in a disputed area.

Source: Star Ocean

Apart from the fact that it was a disputed area, the Indian soldiers were concerned about the number of Chinese soldiers patrolling the area.’Only 10 soldiers are allowed to patrol the area’ said the Indian soldier.

Star Ocean

Soldiers from both the sides were continuously recording the entire argument.Moreover, both Chinese and Indian soldiers can be seen forming a human chain throughout the video.

Star Ocean

Check out the video right here.


So this is what diplomacy at the ground level looks like.