If you’re a regular visitor to your friendly neighbourhood shopping mall, you’ll agree that shopping is a lot of fun. But looking at other people shop? Nothing beats that. The next time you go shopping, look out for these guys.

1. The Maya Sarabhai Shopper

This shopper will possess all the sophistication available on earth and some more. She’ll walk into the mall like she owns it and will throw shade at everyone else while she steals glances at the even more sophisticated woman who just bought more expensive clothes than her.

2. The Monisha Sarabhai Shopper

Opposites attract. The Monisha Sarabhai shopper will want to bargain even while buying safety pins, rush for every offer by Big Bazaar every week and sleep peacefully at night only if all the discounts, offers and free coupons have been used.

3. Kids

Seriously, why do people bring their kids to the mall at all? The kids, who want to go home after they have got the latest toys, will complain, yell, sob and cry until the food court is reached and chocolate pastries have been purchased.

4. The Glittering Divas

These divas visit the mall decked up enough to go to a wedding or a fashion show. Their enthusiasm for going to the mall is most impressive. Their enthusiasm for looking like a walking jewel box is even more impressive.

5. The Window Shopper

This shopper is bored out of his/her mind. They will come, look into every store in the mall and then buy nothing. Well, it’s called window shopping for a reason.

6. The Crime Master Gogos

They’re the people dumb enough to believe that they can nick stuff from a high end mall and not get caught. Come on guys, there are guards at every exit, CCTV cameras every three feet and eagle eyed store staff watching your every move. Just don’t.

7. Aunty Ji

This cruel group of aunties always raids malls. Always. Their favourite haunts are the shops with chairs where they seat themselves comfortably and then start gossiping about this and that in between chants of “Bhaiya, yeh toh acha nai hai. Aur dikhao toh zara!”

8. The Hobos

So it’s a fact that some people are too lazy to brush their teeth, or take baths or dress properly. These people are done with the rules of civilization and don’t find it weird at all to roam around in their pyjamas. Well, whatever floats your boat.

9. Stalkers

They will stare at you so hard that sometimes, they’ll forget to blink. They’re the random dudes who hang out in the mall every evening because they have nothing better to do but stare at people until they become really uncomfortable.

10. The Ones Who Want EVERYTHING

“I want that. And that. That too. Give me everything.”

“Ma’am, your card has been declined…”

11. The Ones Who Only Buy Stuff On Sale

“Upto 50% Off.” These are the magic words that makes this shopper jump with joy and rush into a store without looking left or right. Because the best things in life are 50% off.

12. The Brand Conscious Shopper

This shopper is the easiest to spot. They’re the ones who go straight to Zara or Mango and look down on every other shopper.

13. The Ones Who Try Everything, But Like Nothing

The shopkeeper’s  nightmare, this shopper will take a bazillion clothes into the trial room, try them all on, leave them in a pile on the floor of the trial room and walk out.

14. The Gang of Girls

You’ll see them giggling in the stores, high fiving in the restaurants and trying out clothes by the dozen all around the mall. They might actually be responsible for half the noise in the mall. But hey, at least they’re having fun.