Road trips to Goa are so 2010! While there is nothings wrong in undertaking road trips to beautiful places within our country, it isn’t out of ordinary anymore. Why not go for something different and something that many won’t attempt? How about a long, long drive from India all the way to Thailand ? With the opening of the Asian Highway, by 2016, you will be able to actually pull it off. Don’t just simply drive to Thailand. Stop and explore the countless cities and towns before leaving them in the dust. Make the entire journey an experience.

If you still aren’t convinced, here are 10 reasons to that will persuade you to do so:

1. Domestic road trips are too mainstream, why not one that takes you across international borders?

The sights of three countries.


2. You will get to meet charming people from countless cultures.


3. There will be many monuments along the way.

Like the Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar.


Or the Grand Palace in Bangkok.


4. You can tantalize your taste buds with local cuisines of the places you cross.

Some tasty Meghalayan cuisine?


Or maybe some Burmese biryani?


How about some authentic Thai green curry?


5. You can maybe do small treks at places you stop by.

Maybe a trek up a mountain in Laos?


Or maybe in Northern Burma? From Kalaw to Inle Lake?


6. And probably learn interesting historical facts about the cities and towns you cross.

Like the 9th century city of Bagan, Burma.


Or maybe Mandalay? A city founded on the 2,400th jubilee of Buddhism in order to fulfil a prophecy.


7. Not to forget the flora and fauna of the places you map.

How can you not love these guys?


8. You can click a gazillion selfies along the way or just take a mental picture of undertaking the amazing trip.


9. Imagine the sense of accomplishment when your GPS or the imaginary one in your head goes, “You have reached your destination!”


10. People say, “It isn’t where you’re going but how you get there.” That may be true, but not when you are travelling to Thailand.

Because you know there’s a happy ending waiting for you in Thailand.

mum sabai

It is probably an appropriate reward after undertaking such a long journey. Here’s a map for the highway route you can take. There’s also an alternate route that can take you through Laos.