There was a time when you thought you couldn't live without Facebook. But today your number one obsession is Instagram. You see the world through photo filters and you live for those heart-shaped likes. But some have taken their love for Instagram to an all new level.

Here are 10 signs of a serious Instagram addict.

1. They have uploaded at least five photos of a Starbucks coffee cup with their name on it.

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2. They spend hours trying out new filters but ultimately go for the same one they use every time.

3. Even if they click a picture of a normal Delhi sky, they hashtag it #delhisky#delhi#sky#instadelhi#instasky#picoftheday#lovingthesky #wow #beautiful

4. Their Instagram photos are always two levels sexier than the ones on their FB.

5. They can't even eat a half plate of momos without Instagramming the hell out of it.

6. There isn't a single object in their house that they haven't Instagrammed. That includes dirty dishes too.

7. If they have a pet there will be one Instagram pic of it uploaded every three minutes.

8. They may have been anti-selfies all their life but the day they join Instagram, selfie-tsunami follows.

9. For them an Instagram like is more valuable than a stupid Facebook like.

10. They practise their pout everyday so that they can get that ultimate duckface.

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