Jugaad is synonymous to India. In this country, there is an abundance of jugaadu people, and you are very, very lucky if one of them is your friend. They are always just a call away and we can’t imagine how difficult our lives would’ve been without them. From helping us when we’re broke to bailing us out of the most embarrassing situations, they are life’s biggest blessings. Here are 10 reasons why having a jugaadu friend is awesome:

Jugaad: Fi nding a low-cost solution to any problem in an intelligent way.

1. Whenever they’re around, solutions magically start pouring in.

2. And even when they’re not, they’ll turn up in seconds just to help you.

3. “Party karni hai? Free entry kara dunga yaar!”

4. Somehow or the other, they can always get passes and tickets to the coolest events in town.

5. Whenever the police is involved, they are the ones you should call!

Not only do they get you out of trouble, they also end up making friends with the policewaalas.


6. They are your license to have fun.

7. ” Tu tension kyu leta hai yaar. Main hoon na!”

8. They always have a Plan B. And if that doesn’t work, they also have Plan C, D and E.

9. Money is never a problem.

Even if they’re broke, they can always arrange for cash.

10. They end up making you jugaadu as well!

Welcome to the club!

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A little crazy goes a long way. Thank you, yaar!