30th July, 2015, will always be a significant date in the history of our country. Two men have been buried on this day. They led completely different lives. One for all the wrong reasons, the other for all the right ones. Their actions affected many people, again in completely different ways of course. They depart on the same day. Call it irony or mere coincidence.

One man was convicted of a bomb blast years ago.

The other was known to inspire millions for years and years.

One man fled the nation at one point.

The other led the nation at one point.

One man’s vision almost destroyed the future of our country.

The other’s built the future of our country.

One man gained his master’s degree from behind bars.

The other used his to raise the bar.

One man was proven to be part of an explosion that killed people.

The other man’s work with explosives was meant to protect people.

One man was given the death penalty.

The other opposed it.

One man’s last hope rested with the President.

The other was a President.

On this day, 30th July, 2015, two bodies have been buried. One of Yakub Memon and the other of APJ Abdul Kalam. It is just ironic how two men, who affected the lives of so many Indians in completely opposite ways, are set to meet the almighty on the same day. Such is the way of life, and death.