But, we women are undeniably in a torturous love-hate relationship with them! First we want them so bad. Then we go broke for months just to buy them. And then after sustaining hours of pain just to look pretty wearing them, all we get in return are bruises, blisters and feet full of scars! And let’s not even talk about the prolonged hours of after-pain!

Ah, stilettos! Aren’t they just magnificent? Bright, bold and so damn sexy!


Luckily for us, Dolly Singh, the founder and CEO of Thesis Couture , who had earlier worked with SpaceX on high heels for 5 years, took it upon herself to find us a solution.

She and her rather peculiar team, consisting of a rocket scientist, an astronaut, an orthopedic surgeon and a fashion scientist avenged the battle for us. No more slim metal strips centering the heels. Here’s a glimpse of the new structure:

And h ere’s all you need to know about these polymer-based stilettos :

There is just one tiny little problem here though. You’d probably have to part with a kidney or something to get hold of these pretty babies because they’re priced at a hefty $925. In Indian currency, that translates to 60,000 INR roughly! Damn you, money!