For starters, the very job title describes how tough a waiter’s job is. Someone who ‘waits on people’. It can be tiring and annoying and frustrating and, for the peanuts that they get paid, they show a great deal of patience while putting up with all the shit customers give them.

Here are 10 life lessons you can learn from the c hotu who makes our dhaaba experiences memorable!

1. Patience

They say patience is a virtue and attaining it not easy, but waiters have somehow mastered the art. They put up with all the tantrums customers throw!

2. Endurance

In spite of all the trouble they go through, be it with rude customers or a hectic schedule, they don’t give up. Very, very commendable!

3. Self-control

If somebody says “Aye chotu, chai la” to you, you would probably boil with anger. But guess who deals with such customers on a regular basis and still manages to hold back a punch?

4. Multitasking

Waiters manage many tables at once. From taking orders to delivering them to keeping tab while keeping an eye out for every customer’s need, they’re experts in multitasking!


5. Generosity

Putting up with a customer’s every demand and accommodating every kind of person that shows up is a challenge in itself. But waiters do it every single day!

6. Respect

We might know many people in our lives but respect is something we save only for a few. Waiters, however, have to show respect to every customer that comes to their service.

7. Consistency

Whether it is working morning shifts, night shifts or holidays, they learn to work with the same people day-in and day-out without complaining. Monotony does not hamper their level of commitment.

8. Teamwork

Waiters not only manage peak-hour rush effortlessly but are also very well coordinated with their colleagues. It’s time we take a note of the team effort that goes behind their work!

9. Solidarity

Let’s face it! Working together is one thing, standing up for each other at work is another. Waiters stick together, clear each other’s mess and collectively prove themselves.

10. Punctuality

While we barely make it on time for work, waiters keep up with many deadlines on a daily basis! How about we learn something here?

There is so much to learn from them. And now that you know what they go through, the next time you visit a restaurant or a dhaaba think of this post and show respect!