Working in another town or city isn’t easy. You have to give up all the luxuries back home in the hope that you will be able to live a better life in the future. There are days when you’re motivated and everything about the city seems exciting but there are also days where you wonder why you even thought about moving out from home. Here are some struggles that you will be able to relate to if you work away from your hometown:

1. Every day is a struggle.

You have to earn everything for yourself. From little things like getting up and making your bed in the morning to paying the electricity bill and getting your gas refilled, every day is a living struggle.

2. You miss your home, your room, your family and friends.

Not a single day goes without you missing your home and family.

3. Most of all, you miss maa and her delicious home-cooked food.

Don’t even get me started on this!

4. You are always looking forward to extended weekends.

More holidays mean less days at work. You are always looking for ways to extend your weekend because a two-day weekend is just not enough to go home.

5. If your hometown is nearby, weekends for you mean a trip back home.

Come Friday evening and your heart starts beating faster.

6. If not, your weekends are usually spent feeling homesick.

For some of the unfortunate lot, distance often comes between going home and you end up feeling homesick.

7. Unlike your friends, you can hardly travel to new places, because as soon as you get a holiday, you pine to go home.

And on the rare days when you don’t, your emotional mom calling you home does it for you.

8. You have a love-hate relationship with IRCTC and flight bookings.

Ghar waapsi is not as easy as you thought it would be, thanks to the hassle of booking tickets.

9. You have absolutely no savings.

Living in another city is expensive. Even though you start every month planning to save, you end up spending every penny you earn on rent and other expenses you didn’t even have a clue about when you lived at home.

10. And unlike when you’re at home, you can’t even borrow money from your parents.

Life is tough but you’ve got to manage your expenses. *Sigh*

11. You find yourself stuck between the two cities.

You know you belong to your hometown but you seem to spend all your time in the new city. So which one is your identity now?

Life may not be a bed of roses when you work in away from your hometown, but it definitely is a experience worth living.