Best friends. They are the ones who have held your hand through all the highs and lows of life. They love you for who you are and understand you completely. It’s wonderful that they came into your life. But sometimes, they leave you behind. They get through some amazing college, they get a new job, their parents get transferred, maybe they get married… whatever the reason, it forces you both into a long distance relationship. It’s a major blow when they shift to another city. It’s worse when they move to another country altogether.

If your best friend lives lights years away from you, you’ll definitely relate to these things:

1. When they moved, your world shattered into pieces.

2. But video chatting zindabaad ! Now you spend hours talking to them.

3. And when the Internet is slow, you get angry and upset; because there’s so much to talk about that can’t wait till the next day!

4. But you still haven’t stopped taking selfies. Just that, now your selfies are screenshots of you video chatting.


5. Maybe you never did so earlier, but now you’ve started telling how much you love each other.


6. You love reading the random texts they send you.

7. You both have developed a habit of sending each other images of whatever you’re doing!


8. Your phone has every app that claims to lessen distance: Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber…


9. One of you always bursts into tears while reminiscing the days you were together.

10. Whenever your friend comes back home, they get you the most amazing gifts.

11. When you visit each other, within that short time, you try fitting in every little thing you’ve been planning to do together.

12. You have their new friends on your Facebook friend-list and are a bit judgemental when it comes to them.

13. You sometimes just scroll through their Facebook profiles because you miss their face. SO MUCH.

14. There are days when you go without talking, but you don’t panic. You know the next call will last a little longer than usual, because you would have a lot more to discuss!

15. When you finally reunite, it’s like no time has passed at all.

And after all, miles don’t mean anything. Because true friendship stands not just the test of time, but also distance.

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