We’re all sick of hearing how the 90s were a better time for kids than the millennium. Get over it you guys, the millenia isn’t such a bad time after all! Here are 15 points which prove that the milennial kids are actually better than the 90s.

1. We don’t have to wait for an aunt to go abroad to get us the chocolates that we want.

Be it Toblerone or Hershey’s chocolates, unlike the 90s kids, we don’t have to wait for an aunt to go abroad or come to India to get them for us. Yes, MnMs and Skittles are now available at every shop. No fake pleasantries needed, guys!


2. We have malls to shop rather than shopping in the heat at local markets.

We no longer need to walk the streets of Janpath or Sarojini Nagar in the heat looking for clothes we want to buy, nor do we have to take someone who knows how to bargain. The things might be more expensive, but we get to dodge the heat and extreme cold.


3. We don’t have to skip through all the songs to get to the one we want to listen to.

Remember when all of you had to buy cassettes for your Walkman, and you had to skip through each and every song to get to the song you wanted to listen to? It must be frustrating. Luckily, we don’t need to do any of that.


4. What’s better than downloading music?

Considering the only way to listen to music in the 90s was through cassettes, CDs or the radio, all the 90s kids had a pretty tough time. Yes, you could carry your music with your Walkman or Discman, but who has the time to buy a cassette or a CD today?


5. Appu Ghar is not the only adventure park we have.

Appu Ghar is old news. We have so many adventure and water parks with even better facilities and rides. Jealous much?


6. We’ve gone beyond fancy landlines and cordless phones.

Everyone was excited when the cordless phones came out as no one had to stand at one place and talk, but the wait for one’s mother to stop talking on the cordless was never ending. And god help you if you had two of those with connecting lines, because that would lead to never ending invasion of privacy by your parents and siblings! Luckily, for us, everyone has mobile phones so we don’t need to wait for anyone and as far as privacy is concerned, who doesn’t have a password on their phone?


7. We don’t need stores to buy books or comics.

I call this perks of having unlimited internet access. No one needs to walk to the store to buy the book they want or a comic they’ve been waiting for, and no one reads Chacha Chaudhary anyway. We’ve progressed to Marvel and Manga.


8. We don’t need to stand in a queue to buy a film ticket.

Again, perks of having unlimited internet access. I mean, isn’t it enough to stand in the queue for the popcorn and Coke combo? We have everything at our fingertips. Yes, life is much easier for us.


9. Cartoon Network is not the only option we have.

It’s a pity you guys barely had any options. We have a thousand channels and shows to choose from, be it Hannah Montana on Disney or Oswald on Pogo.


10. There’s much more to a birthday party than Rasna and cake.

While you were happy having Rasna and cake, you have to experience the birthday parties that we had. From puppet and magic shows to McD, we had it all.


11. We have many more options for ice cream, it isn’t just Nirula’s anymore.

I’m sure all the 90s kids get very nostalgic on the thought of eating orange bar at India Gate or hot chocolate fudge at Nirula’s. But, hey! We’ve got Baskin Robbins and Gelato and not to forget, Magnum.


12. We can see the pictures we click right away, and no one needs to worry about the reel anymore.

Remember clicking a picture and not being able to see it, then spending lots of money on getting them developed to realize that your eyes are closed? Well, thanks to front cameras, we know how we look and our phone doesn’t have reel, so who cares if the picture isn’t nice. Just click another one!


13. Desktops are no longer a luxury.

90s kids sure had a tough time laying hands on a desktop, but today, how may of us even use a desktop? Most of us have our own laptops and probably haven’t even worked on a desktop for pretty long.


14. We don’t need to sit at the library and go through the Encyclopedia.

Well, doing that would be just sad and monotonous. Who wants to go through those books when you have Big Daddy internet? It’s actually hard to believe that everyone sat in libraries with huge encyclopedias and flipped through 400 pages.


15. We’ve got good entertainment; all our favourite musicians tour our cities.

Did Nirvana or Spice Girls ever come to India? I don’t think so. Today, all the celebrities we adore have concerts in our country. Be it Katy Perry or David Guetta, they’ve all come here with their concerts bustling with cheering crowds of 15-16 year olds.


From all that we’ve read about the 90s kids, your childhood was amazing, but guys, we’ve had a pretty awesome childhood too!