You could easily do all of the tasks they give you on ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’. You can bungee jump without giving it a second thought. But there’s one thing you’re terrified of doing – public speaking. Standing in front of a group of people and speaking – it doesn’t get worse than that. If you have glossophobia, then you’ll know just how dreadful it is. Here are 10 signs that you’re terrified of public speaking:

1. Merely imagining yourself speaking in front of public gives you the shivers!

2. You practise your speech a hundred times in front of the mirror!

3. You have amazing ideas and kickass lines floating around in your head when you’re alone but the moment there are people in front of you, you get tongue-tied.

4. You read up on a thousand tips for successful public speaking but none of it works. “Imagine the audience is fully naked”.

5. You carry at least 3 different copies of your speech in your pocket in case for some reason two copies magically disappear.

6. There’s always a moment in the middle of your speech where you have a total blackout where you just can’t remember what’s the next line!

7. You use a lot of “errr” and “ummm” and “like” in between your sentences.

8. You make up the weirdest of excuses to skip your turn to speak in public hoping it’ll go away forever.

9. Sometimes when you forget the flow of your speech you find yourself mumbling words and sentences that don’t even exist in the language.

10. You imagine all kinds of things going wrong during your speech like the mic not working, the audience laughing at you, you peeing your pants etc.