Everyone loves movies. But then again you’re not everyone are you. You don’t just love movies – they are a major part of your very existence. In fact, could you recollect when was the last time you went two days without watching a single movie? What you have for movies is definitely something deeper and stronger. Here are 16 Signs That You Are A True Movie Buff:

1. No matter how busy your day is, you still manage to watch at least one movie every night after work.

2. Every weekend is a ‘movie marathon weekend’ for you where you watch at least five movies back to back.

3. You have 2-3 external hard disks dedicated to storing only movies.

4. You just need to look at a Bollywood movie trailer once to figure out if it’s copied from some international film.

5. If you come across a director whose movie you enjoy, you Google him and end up watching every other movie he’s ever made.

6. IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes are the two most visited websites from your computer.

7. You often find yourselves recommending your favorite movies to the people around you.

8. For you, the film is always better than the book.

9. Watching a trashy movie with forced product placements and completely plagiarized scenes leaves you in shock for days.

10. You have a list of favorite movies you have watched over a dozen times but can still watch a hundred more times.

11. You have engaged in some of the most heated ‘movie debates’ with your friends.

12. You notice intricate aspects of the film like editing, set design and flow of narrative so for you to call a film great, it really has to be great.

13. You have an unreasonable obsession with movie posters and might still have one or two up on the back of your bedroom door.

14. You gauge people by their favorite movie.

15. When you hear an announcement about a movie with a dream cast and a kick-ass director, it gives you goosebumps.

16. You watch at least two dozen movie trailers every day at work.