Pretend to be as cool as you want but you can't deny that your phone is one of your best friends. It keeps you company when you're alone and it gets you out of many sticky situations you face everyday.

Here are 10 situations when your phone can be your knight in shining armor.

1. When you're being hounded by meddling relatives who're always like " hum rishta leke aayein hain "

Just pretend to be on the phone and get the hell out of there.

2. When two of your friends are a couple and they start having a fight right in front of you

Dig your face into the phone. You didn't hear ANYTHING.

3. When you're stuck in an awkward/boring/needless conversation with someone

Quietly send a message to a friend to call you and bail you out, unless you can teleport.

4. When you claim to be the best chef in the world, which you are clearly not

Just call up your mom and ask her for some face-saving recipes.

5. When you're waiting for someone in a public place but don't want to appear eager or lonely

Whip out the phone and start tapping it.

6. We all have that friend who likes to mess around with our Facebook statuses by typing in things like "I like poop"

Use your phone to do some damage control immediately.

7. Is there something stuck in my teeth?

Let me take a selfie and find out.

8. Need some immediate life advice from your bestie who lives at the other end of the world?

Video calling, biaaaatch!

9. When you play the " mere dad police commissioner hain " card

You better have your phone out and be ready to call some back-up.

10. When you're sitting in a public restroom and you don't want the person in the next cubicle to hear your rectal cannon bursts

Play some loud music on your phone to drown out the "natural dubstep"

All gifs sourced from Giphy , Giphy and Giphy .