As much as we hate it, we’ve all been there. That terrifying moment where you see your phone drenched in water – the giver and taker of life, in more ways than one. It could happen anywhere; In the bathroom, at a party, while eating dinner, anywhere. With a little quick thinking and some luck, there’s always hope to salvage your phone though.

Here’s what to do if your smartphone falls in water.

1. Remove the phone from the water as quickly as possible, unless it’s also connected to a charging point

If it’s connected to a charger as well, call an electrician and ask them how to turn the power off safely.

Source – Abcnews

2. Make sure it’s off. Do not turn it on

Source – Yahoo

3. Remove the back panel, battery, SIM and microSD card from the your phone and use a tissue to dab it all dry

Source – Androidpit

4. Do not use a blow dryer to dry your phone, it may force moisture inward

Source – Yahoo

5. If you have a mini vacuum cleaner, use it on the affected areas for up to 20 minutes

Do not hold it too close to the phone though. Also, don’t turn your phone on immediately afterwards.

Source – Youtube

6. Fill a bowl with uncooked rice and bury your phone in it. Leave it there for around 3 days

The rice should soak up all the water moisture.

Source – Windowssearch

7. Alternatively, you could also bury it in a bowl of silica packets

Silica packets are those little things you find inside your shoe boxes, cupboards, etc.

Source – Macworld

8. Place it in a sunny spot for a while to get rid of any remaining moisture

Source – Freepik

9. If your phone still doesn’t work, try a new battery, the previous one might be damaged

Source – ifixit

10. Do not try to take your phone apart, you might get a shock

Take it to an authorised dealer and explain the problem.

Source – Datatexinc