Some people just love their make up. You look at those people and cringe. You can’t imagine what life must be like with all those extra things to be constantly worried about. Your aunty ji once made you wear make up for a shaadi and you spent the next five days deleting all the proof from your facebook.

These and more signs that you just hate wearing make up.

1. You would rather sleep/eat/read/do anything else than spend time doing up your face.

2. You are perfectly comfortable with yourself and don’t see why you need to “make yourself presentable” for someone else’s happiness.

3. You believe eye make-up was only invented to torture people.

4. You feel strange putting colours on your lips. It’s just not you.

5. You once attempted to put some make up on, and it turned out like this:

6. Hell broke loose when you realised that you were expected to take it all off as well.

7. On the rare occasion that you put make up on, you invariably forget and get stains all over the place.

8. Your most epic tantrums have happened while trying to get liner on your eyes.

9. You learnt that waterproof make-up is not really water proof the hard way.

10. You have spent your free time making fun of girls who wear cakes of make up on their face.

11. You feel uncomfortable with the way people look at you when you wear make up

12. All your friend’s efforts to successfully put make up on you have gone waste because of your restlessness

13. Looking at the eyelash curler gives you the creeps. It looks more like a medieval torturing device than anything else

14. You still don’t know what concealer, foundation, mascara and face powder are supposed to do

15. You have felt an urge to punch the person who called their tutorial “basic and very easy”

16. You have made your peace with the fact that the best way to look good with colour on your face is to play Holi

17. Before you tried it on, you always imagined make up to be a quick and easy way to look better

18. …And you still can’t imagine how anyone can have the patience and energy to spend two hours just to get their make up right.

People can say what they want, but you know that make up just wasn’t meant for you. Besides, you would rather spend your time, money and efforts on something else. Right?