Two days ago, we saw a popular Bollywood entertainment website carry photographs of Krishna Shroff, sister of Tiger Shroff and daughter of Jackie Shroff. These were touted as her ‘topless’ and ‘almost bare’ photographs and soon enough, other major publications picked up this ‘news.’

Here is a cropped version of one of these photos. Chances are that you might have already come across them on one of the websites that you follow:

Source: Kishu Shroff

With one publication after another posting Shroff’s pictures, it seemed like nobody wanted to be left behind in the race for numbers and clicks – to hell with ethics and journalistic morals.

Now, being a content publication ourselves, we know the importance that clicks and virality holds in this age of cut-throat digital competition. However, we decided to maintain a fine line between content that is interesting and share-worthy, and content that is plain vulgar and pointless.


Nothing is wrong with sharing pictures of Krishna Shroff, but packaging them as ‘topless’ and warning other actresses to beware of Krishna based on her semi-nude pictures is something that we don’t agree with.

These leading publications not only shared the photos, but also went on to describe her body parts as if they were talking about some product.

A Zee News headline read:

This is what The Indian Express wrote:

While The Quint shared this:

Deccan Chronicle decided to ask its viewers if she would make a good actress. As if looks are the only prerequisite:

Yet another newspaper, DNA, asked actresses to watch their back because Krishna has arrived!

Krishna posted the pictures on her Instagram account some three weeks ago.

We understand that as a publication we have a responsibility towards our readers, and try our best to maintain a standard of the content that we present. Here’s a plea to other fellow publications of the country:

Let’s strive to bring in interesting content but not at the cost of ethics and objectification of women.