What do you do when you enter a shop and break something? You pay for it. What do you do when you stay in a hotel? You pay for it. Well, if you’re Pooja Mishra, you don’t pay for it. You make other people pay for asking you to pay.

Earlier this year, model and Bigg Boss 5 contestant, Pooja Mishra had filed harassment and molestation charges against an industrialist and Bollywood celebs, including Sonakshi Sinha and Isha Koppikar. This turned out to be a publicity gimmick . But now she’s back in the limelight, and once again, for the wrong reasons.

Source: Follo

According to Logical Indian , the incident took place at a hotel in Dwarka. Pooja had apparently broken some things in the room she was staying at and hadn’t paid for them. The hotel staff tried to stop her from leaving but she went batshit crazy on them:

Video by Swarup Sarkar