We tend to think that a man’s life is so easy… It would take everything to upset them about their otherwise happy life. But we are soooo wrong… After careful compilation we bring you a list of things that kill the joy of a perfect morning for every (well, almost every…. We tried really hard) man.

1. Trying to pee with morning wood.

2. Missing your mark because you are too sleepy.

3. Accidentally shaving off that side-burn you’ve been working on perfecting for so long.

4. That shaving cut which won’t stop bleeding.

5. When you are forced to get rid of all your carefully kept stubble for a meeting and you realise what a hard boiled egg feels like.

6. When you realise your entire wardrobe is in the laundry.

7. Spilling juice over the one good shirt which you did manage to find.

8. That mother loving frustrating cow-lick that just won’t settle down!

9. When you can’t figure out how despite having 30 pairs of socks, you can never find a pair that matches.

10. When you can’t find the other shoe and you have to walk around the house with a funny limp.

11. When you’re in a hurry while peeing, you do the customary shake down, zip up and suddenly realise… you weren’t quite done.

12. When you accidentally hit yourself in the balls.

13. When you dress up for a party, walk out of your place all majestic like and after a night of partying, find out that your fly is open.

14. The dirty looks old aunties shoot at you when you bump into them because of a jerky Metro.