Just a little while ago our faith in the universe was renewed when we discovered the benefits of beer . And it wasn’t long before we found out that when it came to the well being of our bodies, the rest of alcoholdom wasn’t too far behind . But it wasn’t until today that we realised the true life saving potential of these drinks.

30-year-old Dilip Kumar accidentally inhaled toxic methanol fumes, when the effects were nullified by the timely intervention of a peg of rum.


While working at a pharmaceutical manufacturing unit in Moti Nagar, west Delhi, Dilip accidentally inhaled methanol which caused a partial loss of vision. He was rushed to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital with vital parameters including blood pressure, kidneys and liver functions falling dangerously.

The doctors then administered rum in small amounts, about a peg, to neutralize the toxicity of the methanol.


When speaking to the Times of India , Dr Atul Gogia, senior consultant, internal medicine at SGRH , said , “Rum has 40% alcohol or ethanol content which has a chemical structure similar to methanol. It occupies the receptors where methanol metabolizes into harmful formaldehyde thus reducing the toxicity”.

Doctors said that alcohol therapy is commonly practised for treating patients suffering from methanol poisoning.

Ironically, Dilip Kumar was a teetotaler all his life.