When it comes to heinous crimes against women, acid attack is a gruesome example. To assault innocent women by throwing acid on their face and body in an effort to scar their idea of themselves forever – perhaps there’s no human act ghastlier than this calculated form of misogyny. However, the women who have been put through this don’t deserve to hide their faces from the world because the world has only place for brave, amazing, inspiring women like you. For us, you are the ultimate symbol of the resilient spirit of women.

That’s why this photo shoot for Rupa Designs by Rahul Saharan done exclusively with acid attack survivors as models is both an astonishing and commendable one. The designer herself, Rupa is part of this. You can spot her in the white dress. It is a fascinating photoshoot that pays homage to all women across the world by putting forth one important message – don’t let others tell you what beauty is. Every single woman out there is the most beautiful woman.

Catch the complete photo shoot right here .