Almost everyone cherishes the lasting bonds and the memories of their school days that are forever etched in place, but then there were also things that would drive you up the wall. Exams, scary teachers and a whole bunch of characters led to times where you’d be so anxious you’d forget to go to the bathroom! You laugh heartily about it now, but at the time, these were pretty much the things that made life difficult:

1. There was always that one teacher who hated your guts and was always looking for excuses to punish you.

2. Your favourite classes flew by in moments but the ones you hated were painfully never-ending.

3. The shame of being told to stand outside and hold your ears, while all your classmates watched and judged, made you want to hide your face and run away.

4. The struggle to wake up early in the morning. Enough said.

5. As if that wasn’t enough, you had to drag yourself to morning assembly and listen to… Wait, what were they talking about?

6. There was always that one dweeb in class who would remind the teacher about everything you wanted them to forget; I’m talking assignments, tests, EVERYTHING. Burn in hell!

7. School bullies would just ruin your idea of morals and principles in regard to being a good person.

8. There was no break before exams: It’s like they thought we were machines!

9. The teacher would say she’s going to take 5 more minutes after class but would end up rambling on for the next twenty!

10. REPORT CARDS. These were the biggest red alerts back then!

11. Having to get your report card signed by your parents was a nightmare come true.

12. Double periods = Double the pain

13. That ‘cool’ bunch and the annoying extras who would always suck up to them, always picked on the not-so-cool ones.

And now you wonder, what was so cool about them anyway!

14. Holiday homework. Why would anyone ruin the sanctity of holidays in such a horrible way?

15. Weekly tests, monthly tests, surprise tests, class tests, practise tests… bad things come in small packages too!

No matter how hard school was, there is always a small part of you that still roams those corridors of learning, causing trouble, making friends and living life to the fullest.