Let’s be honest, there’s only one foolproof way of knowing if a girl likes you – if she says so.

But then again, that doesn’t stop us from speculating, right? Plus, girls can be really shy when it comes to putting their feelings out there. So how do you know it’s time to give her a little push in the right direction so she can finally say it out loud?

Look out for these signs:

1. She’s always looking for an excuse to spend more time with you.

2. Her girl gang acts extra nice/friendly.

3. She engages you in a conversation, no matter how redundant.

4. She laughs around you. A LOT.

5. She worries about you, and tries to have your back at all times.

6. She goes out of her way to help you out, over and over again.

7. She remembers all the little things you’ve said to her.

8. She actively connects with you over social network websites.

9. She makes eye contact and holds your gaze.

10. She shares her secrets and insecurities with you.

11. She turns to you for emotional support.

12. You catch her looking at you every now and then.

13. She is always interested in your stories, no matter how lame.

14. She can’t stop blushing around you.

All GIFs taken from here and here.

Notice any signs lately?