They say real life is very different from reel life, but you strongly disagree. Rom coms have given you plenty of reasons to think otherwise, mostly because your life feels just like one!

These movies have justified miracles and love stories for you like no other. Despite being surreal with their quirky music, drama, goofy comic situations and a well-found happy ending, you’ve come to relate to them more than anything. Here are 17 signs why:

1. Your emotional highs and lows in love have been pretty drastic.

2. Your current partner is someone you first despised but now have fallen head over heels for.

3. You’ve experienced some epic comic situations in your love affair(s).

4. You might have been a part of love triangles as well!

5. In fact, you’ve either been a carefree, single adult who only believed in “having fun”…

6. Or an adamant “I WILL NEVER FALL IN LOVE!” person.

7. Mostly because you actually never fell in love.

8. Or because you’ve had an obnoxious ex.

9. And so you’ve been through all the phases of casual dating and “friends with benefit” settings.

10. If you’ve found the one, you initially never thought you’d end up with him/her.

You found love in a hopeless place, literally and not because you didn’t like that person. It just happened!

11. The start is never easy and so your partner’s friends/ family created problems for you!

In other words, they kept things interesting for you. If you’ve watched any Karan Johar love story, you’ll know what I mean!

12. Same goes for your friends and folks towards your partner.

13. Just like destiny brought Raj and S imran together in DDLJ, you and your partner found a way against all odds.

It’s been quite a journey for the two of you.

14. And now, your first reaction after watching any rom-com is “Damn, that’s so me!”

Even if the movie tanks, and you pretend it’s nothing like your life!

15. You always wonder why there isn’t a background score for your situations just like the films you relate to.

You can relate to all the fancy songs in the movies but wouldn’t it be great if there was one just for you?

16. You often include romantic movie dialogues in your everyday situations.

17. And when you’re upset, these rom-coms become your therapy. A quick marathon and you’re all set!

Your life is a lot like the rom-coms you’ve seen and so during tough times when nothing’s going right for you, they become your silver lining.

You wouldn’t be surprised if the next Yash Raj rom-com turns out to be truly based on your life!