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Mar 14, 2014 at 11:13

10 Signs That Say You’re New To Bangalore

by Surekha Rao

Bangalore is a beautiful city to live in. It is truly cosmopolitan in nature, with great food and great people. What’s more, they now have free WiFi at public places. That has got to be the deal breaker. However, there are certain things you face when you first come to this amazing city. Here's a list of ten things you face as a newbie in this city.

1. Adjusting to the fact that shops close at 8 pm

That's right. Need some midnight Maggi? Not happening in this city!


2. Cows. Cows everywhere

It's their playground, their flirting space, their ruminating faces and their pooping place. source

3. Almost everyday is Banana leaf lunch day

If you're a South Indian already, you know how this one plays out.  If you’re not, then you are in a world of weight gain.


4. You can't remember the roads no matter how hard you try

Okay so I took a left, then a right, then I came to a circle from where I took the gulli on the left that the same tree I passed at the beginning of my ride? source

5. Too many engineering students

To person #1- 'What do you do?' 'Electrical engineering.' To person #2-  'Okay, what do you do?' 'Mechanical engineering.' To person #3- 'So what kind of engineering are you pursuing?' source

6. Nightlife strictly sticks to the night. Quite literally

This city is not like Mumbai where even if you go at 10:30 pm you can party till 1:30 am. Whatever 'partying' you need to do wraps up at 11:30 pm.

7. Kalyana Mantapas

There are more marriage halls in the city than there are married couples. source

8. Nothing is Walkable Distance

If you feel like having a burger from your favourite Western chain restaurant, whistle for an auto. If you are rich, then take out your car. source

9. Chhota Bheem’s Army Stays Here

Okay, for real? Like, really? Kids in Bangalore are the most hard-core Chhota Bheem fans you will ever come across.

Parent: Do your homework, son.

Kid: Let me watch Chhota Bheem first.

Parent: Do your homework first and then watch it.

Kid: That is not how things work in this house.

Parent: *gives up* Fine. source

10. Caffeinated Upto Their Eyes

There is literally a Café Coffee Day outlet every 2 kilometres, although CCD’s coffee isn’t real coffee. GO FILTER OR GO HOME. source

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