Having no siblings is a blessing and a curse. You get to enjoy the perks of having everything to yourself but also have moments of extreme boredom and pine for a sibling bond. Here are 20 things you can relate to if you are the only child:

1. You are pampered by your parents

"I am so glad I'm the only child."

2. The whole room is yours for the taking

You don't have to fight over which posters go up where. You can do whatever you want in your room.

3. Your bed is yours and yours alone

The entire bed belongs to you so you can spread out like a toy action figure.

4. All presents are exclusively for you

No issues like "ye didi ka ye mera". You can keep it all to yourself.

5. Staying home alone is not a problem for you

You are the 'King of the Castle' when your parents are away.

6. There will be no one hogging the remote

"I want to watch Border again for the 778th time. And there is no one to stop me."

7. Be it chocolates, toffees or even dinner, you don't have to share anything

"It's awesome how I can eat everything I want without sharing."

8. Your birthday parties are extremely cool

"So this time, I'll get a pony for all my friends and we can ride them around the house."

9. You are completely okay with being independent

You have been home alone so often that it's a walk in the park for you.

10. Being generally alone, you love it when you have people around

Since you have no siblings, having some company is always great... as long as they don't impose!

11. You treat your friends like siblings

"Aah, so I have a variety to choose from."

12. When you go for drives or vacations, there is no fighting over seats

Permanent dibs on the window seat.

13. You don't have anyone to blame when you're caught

"I wish I had a younger brother to blame for my bad habits."

14. You get an overdose of attention from your parents

"If they find that stack of porn, I'm dead!"

15. Your imagination is pretty vivid

"Thank God no one knows about my exclusive imaginary friend. They would think I'm crazy."

16. You have to plan all the mischievous plots yourself

"So, I'll go from the right to distract mom and you... Damn it! Where's a brother when you need one?"

17. Since you were never forced to share, you actually do it well when your friends are around

"Here man, have some of my lunch. I get to eat all I want at home."

18. You may feel jealous when your friends are spoilt by their siblings but it was never much of a problem

"Well at least my folks don't have to choose a favourite!"

19. Convincing your parents to let you follow your dreams can be tough

"If I had a brother who has doing what he wanted, they would have agreed."

20. On the other hand, you don't have to deal with competition

You never have to hear: "Look at your sister, be more like her."

21. There is no concept of 'hand-me-downs', you always get brand new stuff

You don't have to wait for a brother or sister to grow out of their shoes so that they can fit you. You get your own.

These things are all too familiar for those of us who are the only kids. Yes, we have some awesome advantages and yes, we miss out on some great things. But whatever happens, we are loved by our parents and friends who make sure that we don't feel the absence of a sibling.