During the past one week, social media has been abuzz with controversy surrounding the Jasleen Kaur case, where she was allegedly molested by Sarvjeet Singh at a traffic light in Delhi. We saw furore on Facebook over Jasleen’s post where she claimed that she had been molested and thereafter threatened by the said accused. Thousands came out to support her but as the story unfolded, Sarvjeet Singh came forth with his version of the events and the tables turned. People are now accusing Jasleen of having framed Sarvjeet and taking advantage of her position as a woman – all of this on social media, and on the basis of a Facebook post.

Source: www.motoroids.com

While social media has on countless occasions been championing for the cause of women, it’s unfortunate how most of us jumped to conclusions about each of the parties involved, calling them names and casting aspersions on their characters.

Sonakshi Sinha has come forth on Twitter, expressing her discontent over the way things have unfolded in this case fuelled by an incessant blame game. Apologising to Sarvjeet, this is what she had to say:

Kudos to Sonakshi for coming out and speaking her mind!