Just yesterday we posted about how Sonu Nigam took a stand on the social media website, Twitter, against the very controversial topic which is currently trending in the whole nation, the allegations pin-pointed at Radhe Maa.

He took the assumption that Radhe Maa was sued because of the way she was dressed, and compared it to Kaali Maa among other posts criticising the step.

Many people across the nation took offense in the comparison, and many Twitterati slammed his tweets, castigating him to clear his facts before posting.

The incident took another turn when on August 17, Monday, a written complaint against Sonu Nigam was received by the Samta Nagar Police Station in Mumbai by Ramesh Joshi, chairman of Dharma Rakhshak Mahamanch.

Source: Filmychai

After the news reached Sonu Nigam about the police complaint, he decided to post his views on Facebook, in a more detailed manner out to the world.

Someone is definitely pissed, jeez.