For most people, this is the reaction when they’re sad or angry. But for some, this could be the reaction when they’re angry, sad, happy, excited, hungry, horny… anything!


Some people swear all the time and cuss words flow out of their mouth as often as the rest of us say hello or thank you. But it’s not an easy life. Here are 15 struggles of a person who swears a lot:

1. Your sentences start and end with a gaali.

“BC meri gaadi thok di ku***y ne.”

2. This has happened to you at least a thousand times: “Kaahan hai bey chu***e? Oh! Namastey aunty…”

Story of my life.

3. You are regularly asked to filter your language.

“Yaar kabhi toh soch kar bola kar, kuchh bhi bolta hai.”

4. You have to make a conscious effort not to abuse in front of your parents.

Mummy voh teacher hi pagal hai bhen…..bhains ki pooch.”

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5. Or as a matter of fact, in front of anyone’s parents.

“Yaar tu mere maa-baap ke saamne muh bandh hi rakhna, please.”

6. Because once you get into flow, it’s difficult to stop the real you.

“Teri maa ki #%#%@ @#@# @#&*@#&@#*@#***@#!”

7. Social gatherings make you claustrophobic because you can’t express how you really feel.

Aunty: Beta shaadi kab karoge?

You: (In your mind) BC! budhi chup ho jaa . (What you actually say) Dekhtey hain aunty.

8. Happiness? Sadness? Anger? Anxiety? Every expression is a swear word.


9. You have got into a lot of trouble because timing galat ho jaathi hai BC!

“Mummy galti se nikal gayi gaali. I don’t abuse at all.”

10. You have to behave yourself in advance when your letter of recommendation is due.

Kyunki image bhi important hai yaar.”

11. You promise yourself every morning that you’ll watch your language, but midway through you go ” kya bakchodi hai boss !”

“Mujhse na ho payega.”

12. Good first impression as a concept is alien to you.

Haters gonna hate! I don’t care.

13. Because you use gaalis so often, your dates usually don’t reach their climax.

“Saala, meri date bhaag kyu gayi?”

14. Arguments with people get worse because you blurt out  swear words during the heated conversations.

“Ch****e teri galti thi be.”

15. And the worst part is that you have to live with this habit.

“Dil hai ki maanta nahi.”

Want more points? Chal saale %#$ &*@#& #$*#$* #@@& @#%@&!