Do you remember the days when words like soul-mates, better-halves and life-partners made no sense to you? And suddenly that changed! You met someone and he/she changed your life like you never imagined possible! You’re no longer just dating, you’re singing love songs in the rain!

And now you feel like you’ve dated them long enough to take things to the next level. They’ve found a special spot in your heart while you’re left on a really high love-dose! Here are 25 signs that you’re absolutely sure about the one you love!

1. You feel you’re at a perfect place with them and no longer have to wait for things to get better.

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2. You don’t feel the need to ‘go on a date’ for a fun filled evening with them. A casual laugh on the couch works!

There is no need for a place to be with them. Any place, anytime works!

3. You’re absolutely comfortable with them. It’s inexplicable and amazing.

4. They’re fully aware of your imperfections and insecurities. And still love you!

5. When you’re upset or in trouble, they’re the first ones you want to call.

And they never miss that call. They even know exactly what will cheer you up!

6. Some of you have changed your Facebook relationship status just to let the world know you’ve found the one!

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7. Also because you can now comfortably introduce them to your friends.

In fact, your friends have come to love them too!

8. Your family too gets along with them and you with theirs.

At times, they prefer them over you!

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9. You’ve come to depend on them and they on you.

10. You have no qualms about being yourself in front of them!

You don’t have to pretend for a second.

11. You’re past the honeymoon period and so you no longer worry about the “will he/she judge me?” question.

12. They’ve come to know your likes and dislikes as much as you’ve come to know theirs. No more petty fights!

The two of you know each other inside out.

13. You’re past all the awkward silences/moments.

14. You’re also past the ‘rules of dating’.

15. And so, now it’s fun for you to watch other people hit on them, instead of sulking with jealousy.

16. All the little ego issues and white lies between you two have evaporated into thin air!

There’s only honesty and a life-time guarantee of trust!

17. You no longer have to be at your best every time you see them.

Tattered clothes or no clothes 😉 😉 , they really don’t care about what you look like as long as they’re with you.

18. Even the most mundane things have become interesting for you with them around.

19. You share everything with each other. Except your toothbrush!

Their things have pretty much become your things and vice-versa!

20. You no longer have to go anywhere alone or ask a friend for a ‘favour’ when you feel like going out.

You feel your ‘Plus 1’ problem has been settled for life!

21. You have shorter and more meaningful conversations with them now. No more 3-4 long hours of tediousness!

22. After all that you’ve been through with them, even distance cannot come in between.

You’re confident about the relationship you share with them and so, you know nothing will ever come between you two, let alone distance!

23. They’re a part of all the major life-decisions you take.

24. People around you have now started to perceive the two of you as ‘epitome of a perfect relationship.’

25. And now, ‘I love you’ is the easiest thing for you to say to them!

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You’re extremely glad that despite all your failed relationships and dates, you can now proudly say that you’ve found the one!