Objectification of women is not new. Whether it is popular culture, movies or fashion trends, all of them proudly objectify women. Yet, it continues to go on, day after day.

A Sydney bar just took it to a whole new level of disturbing. Stepping beyond the line, they took their advertising stunt to a new level and received flak for the same.

The Cruise bar at their re-launch party, draped fruits on the bodies of naked models. The guests were encouraged to eat off of their bodies, who lay as salvers on the table.

Male models were also seen at the occasion. However, they did not appear to be used as serving dishes.

This drew enough attention, but the publicity stunt backfired. People were outraged at the ‘unacceptable’ display and posted plenty of criticism on their Facebook page. Former secretary Jane Oakley strongly criticized the bar through her comments. Here is a picture that the bar posted on their FB page, which seems to have been taken down now, along with comments:

Infuriated tweets further proved the disapproval of the people.

By using naked women as platters, what the cruise bar did goes way beyond a creative way of serving food. W omen’s naked bodies used as stand-ins for inanimate objects is actually sexually objectifying them. This kind of advertising is not only objectionable, but also intolerable.

We are women, not cutlery. Shame on you Cruise Bar!