There are two types of people in this world, those who like to be anchored to a steady, normal relationship and those who are just plain simple curious. Don’t get me wrong. Being curious is not a bad thing, but something it takes the better of you and leaves you with a certain fixation that is nothing short of being eccentric. Here are some unbelievable fixations that prove that reality can be stranger than fiction:

1. Melolagnia – A state of sexual arousal caused by music.

These people take their ‘love’ for music to a different level. In other words, eargasms aren’t the only orgasms they will be experiencing.

2. Objectophile – An unhealthy level of attraction to an object.

Some people don’t possess the object, but instead it’s the object that possesses them. Kinky, right?

3. Maschalagnia – A deep fascination for armpits.

Of all those deep recesses of the human body that nobody discusses, the pits are definitely up there. Some people, however, are happy to overlook the stench and the possible growth for a bigger picture.

4. Partilism – An obsession with a particular part of the human body.

Suddenly, the whole concept of a foot fetish starts making sense, doesn’t it?

5. Plushophilia – An unnatural level of attraction to stuffed animals.

‘Getting stuffed’ has a completely different meaning now!

6. Craniophile – A deep attraction to heads and skulls.

What is it about a ‘head’ that makes our toes curl? Probably the fact that it’s the only cavity that can never be fully filled.

7. Liquidophilia – The uncontrollable need to immerse one’s private parts in water.

This explains the thrill behind hot tubs, heated pools and pruney fingers.

8. Oculolinctus – Gratification felt at licking another person’s eyeball.

I guess, this are for people who like things a little extra salty,

9. Mechaphilia – A carnal attraction towards inanimate motor-vehicles.

Maybe this has something to do with all that raw power under the foot or between the legs.

We truly live in a weird world.

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