They say humans are from Earth, writers are from Neptune. Or something like that. Because writers definitely live in their own world and have their own rules. And if there’s one thing about writers, it’s the fact that they are very particular about their craft and any misdirected comment can piss them off. Here are 12 such things that really piss off writers:

1. When people who have read just 3 to 4 books in their lifetime decide to criticise Chetan Bhagat.

2. Comments like “Writing is a great hobby but a terrible profession”.

3. When people say things like “Amazing how Spielberg can come up with ideas like Jurassic Park!”.

Uh- he didn’t. It’s based on a book. By Michael Crichton. Who’s a Writer.

4. When people use “Your” instead of “You’re.”

5. When people ask them which software they use to write.

6. Statements like “Salman Rushdie is so over-rated. Anyone can write controversial books.”

7. When p eople who know nothing about writing make remarks like , “All bloggers are failed writers.”

8. When people write shitty notes on Facebook, tag everyone & wait for the Booker Prize.

9. Hearing ignorant things like ‘in the future, nobody will read books’.

10. Highly “motivational” statements from people around them like ‘These days, everybody is a writer’.

11. When people write sentences using SMS lingo, even when they are not messaging. “U wil defn8ly luv dem”

12. AnD LasTlY PeoPlE WhO WritE LikE tHiS *&^^%