Marriages might be made in heaven, but couples have to make them work day after day, year after year, right here on Earth. Life might not always be a bed of roses but how you get past a tough time proves your commitment to the relationship.

And that’s exactly what Tim Murphy made us realize.

Tim and Molly Murphy are a married couple based in California.

Facebook: mollywho

The couple had been facing a rough patch, and the inability to deal with the chaos had Molly finding herself struggling to cope with depression.

To help her remember how loved she is, her loving husband decided to surprise her by writing her a heartfelt note on their bedroom mirror about ‘reasons I love my wife’ while she was on a trip away.

Molly, touched by her husband’s affection, shared the list on Imgur.


“I’ve been juggling a lot lately, just got married. Couldn’t afford a wedding. Family is sparse. Falling out with friends, yaddadyadda. But, the thing is, amidst all the struggle, my husband has relentlessly tried to cheer me up,’ Molly wrote on Imgur.

Molly’s post went viral within a matter of days and she has received a lot of support messages. Overwhelmed by the reaction, Tim decided to post his thoughts on Facebook. Here’s what he posted:

I scribbled some compliments on a mirror never expecting anyone to see them, not even Molly MurphyNow it’s gone viral?…

Posted by Tim Murphy on;Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Source: Tim Murphy/ Facebook

With so many heartbreaks, somewhere down the line we lose hope of finding the right one. And even when we do, we struggle to make things work and feel if it’s worthwhile. But people like these prove that true love still exists. There is always light at the other end of the tunnel.