There’s nothing that catches your fancy like good food. You will travel across oceans and kingdoms to savor a great dish. Food dominates every waking moment of your life and even your dreams. Here are 12 signs that you are an ultimate foodie.

1. The one phrase you use the most with your friends is “I know this amazing new place to eat”.

2. Your instagram is flooded with photos of delicious looking dishes.


3. The app you use the most on your phone is (drum roll)…Zomato!


4. And you feature amongst the top reviewers on Zomato as well.

5. For you it goes ‘Masterchef’ and then ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Game of Thrones’.

6. Not only do you love to eat you also love to try your hand at cooking your favourite dishes.

7. Which means that you also send out invitations to your friends whenever you feel like you’re going to cook up a feast.


8. You never keep ordering the same thing over and over again at restaurants. A true foodie loves to try new dishes.

9. Even if you have to make it for an important meeting you never ever chomp down your food. You always always savor everything you eat.

10. The entire point of travelling for you is trying out different cuisines from all over the world.

11. You talk about going on a diet but it never ever happens. Ever.

12. Your motto is ‘live to eat’ not ‘eat to live’.

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