We came across this brilliant article on Mic which told us about this newest antidote to boost your sex life! It’s not some new sex toy or a new kind of porn film in town. People are talking about doing it while they’re high after weed. A lot of people have experimented by mixing sex and weed and have been raving about the end product. Explosive sex!

Studies from the late 1980s conducted by Ronald Weller and James Halikas have shown that m ore than two-thirds of the participants felt that the weed increased their sexual pleasure and intimacy. Hence, they concluded that weed has an aphrodisiac-like effect on their lives.


It can also aid in a couple’s actual interactions.

“The conversational and tactile ease that mutual use of marijuana brings out most often relaxes the couple, making the woman more receptive and as a result the man more encouraged,” an older research subject said.

The key to intimacy with your partner after lighting up a joint, is that it allows you to be your self and drop that facade of self-consciousness.

“For me, it’s not about blood flow or hardness or anything. It’s really a heightened awareness and arousal, more about mental state than physical touch,” said another test subject.