The usual husband-wife spat is no big deal, right? Because couples are known to argue for anything from trivial to super serious. But if we know anything, it is that things can take an ugly turn very soon quite often.

As Little Church Mouse reports, a man in Algeria took his wife to the court when he first saw her without make-up. Now, any thinking person would ask if he had not seen her without make-up even once before his wedding. And that man would reply in the negative.

He claims to be devastated and feels cheated by this discovery. He is reported to have sued his wife for $13,000 for incomparable depict.

He says he returned home one night only to stand face to face with who he thought was an intruder. It was in fact his wife, without make-up.

A source on behalf of the man made the following statement

Facepalm level: Intense.