And just like that, four simple words beautifully encapsulate all our emotions of regret, joy, nostalgia, all of it. But it is also portrays one basic truth, that it is through our memories that people live on. And this ad portrays this emotion perfectly.

“Memories stay, people don’t.”

The video shows a 68-year-old woman looking for a song that reminds her of her mother.

It opens with the woman asking the questions, “”If you had just three hours to wrap up your whole life, then what all would you be able to pack?”

In her quest for the song, she visits an old record store. She explains that she only remembers the first three words of the song and the singer – Zaheera Bano.

While she’s in the store, she meets a filmmaker to whom she begins to narrate her story.

Beginning with the heartbreak of the partition, the culmination of this video is, well, just watch it. Just be careful of the waterworks.