Marriage can be a complicated thing – lots to do, learn, and unlearn. While a lot of women take a break to settle in their new life after they get married or have kids, a group of women from the States – Brooke Gaynes , Morgan Brechler and Shannon Robertson – decided against doing that. Instead, they took it upon themselves as a challenge and did what most women wouldn’t. They travelled far and wide with their kids lying warm and fuzzy in their backpacks. Don’t believe us? Watch these adorable, yet badass photos for yourself:

Just look at this adorable, fuzzy ball!

@huckgaynes and I are on the @athleta blog today! I love this little boy and our daily adventures together! PC @carolinegleich

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Hi there, Mr. Peak-A-Boo!

Trekking for seven miles in rain with your baby? No big deal!

Taking over the world, one trek at a time!

Shannon Robertson says it as it is. “Life doesn’t end when you have children, you just figure out ways to make it work for you.”

Desert trip with bae tonight

Desert road trip with bae tonight! PC @johngaynes

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What a bright sunny day! Let’s go fishing while holding the baby in the backpack. Because, why not?

The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope. John Buchan

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While climbing mountains, this mom takes a detour to our hearts with this selfie!

Climbing mountains helps me gain perspective to find my path to move forward. @gopro

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Following her mom’s footsteps

She named the mountain, ‘Focus.’ What an adorable kid!

Knockin’ out some FA’s. She named this one “Focused.” Haha! Now that’s just adorable as shit.

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Into the wild

You go, girl!

That moment you realize your kid is going to out climb you in a couple of years. #womeninthewild

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OMG. I. Can’t. Even.

What attitude?

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Just going to take a quick nap while my mommy climbs mountains and takes selfies.

Horses are cool. But these women are cooler!

Bye, strangers! We’ll be back after climbing more mountains as you sit at home.

These pictures are giving us some really amazing travel goals!