Parents sacrifice a lot for their kids. From sleep to time to money; everything goes for a major toss. But sometimes, no matter how badly they want to spend time with their kids, they can’t.

Growing up with working parents is an experience itself. While others wait for their parents to go out, you eagerly wait for them to come home. You might feel lonely because of all the time you spend on your own, but it teaches you to be independent from a very young age. Here are 10 things you will relate to if you had working parents:

1. Socialising started early!

Right from creche, you were making new friends and acquaintances.

2. You spent a lot of time with your grandparents.

Dada-dadi waiting for you to come back home with arms wide open was a sight you still miss. They were your full-time nannies and thanks to your parents, you spent ample time with them and loved it.


3. You were trusted with a house key very early in life.

Nothing made you feel more independent and grown up than being trusted with your own set of house keys. You guarded them with your life because if the parents can trust you with the keys, it means you’ve entered stage 2 as a kid!

4. You were used to coming home and eating alone every day.

It might have been depressing to eat alone, but at least you were excited to find out what your mother had cooked for you.

5. From changing out of school uniform to finishing up the homework all by yourself, it made you independent.

6. You almost felt like an adult!

Home alone with access to everything from the fridge to the TV, what more did you want as a kid.

7. There were no restrictions. You could go out and play for as long as you wanted to!

If you didn’t want your parents to find out, you just had to make sure you got back home before them.

8. It was also the time to do all the ‘naughty’ things which you otherwise couldn’t.

You could silently sneak in a friend or eat ice cubes from the fridge!

9. Whatever time you got to spend with them became all the more special.

10. And finally, that feeling when your mom and dad finally came back home each day… PRICELESS!


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Even if they were away all day, they made sure to make it up for it when they got back. And after all, they were working hard just for your sake!