Law is supposed to make sense, right? Judging from the constant bickering via comments over the internet, this may be something we’re able to agree upon. This, and our opinion on the Jennifer Lawrence hacking scandal. I felt exactly the same thing as any guy after that… bechari, ab iske liye accha rishta kaha se ayega?

I digressed. Law evolves as society does, to bring morality and rationale at an even keel. Or at least it should , otherwise, an archaic law may become laughable in its effect, whereas at a point of time, it might have been useful.

Nuff’ said. Here’s the weird stuff.

I’m pretty sure if Bigfoot was first spotted in India, we’d be worshiping its image by now.

This is because they recognise the basic human instincts of curiosity, self-actualisation and freedom. So it’s a bad thing only if you get caught doing it. Kind of like cheating in exams.

If you become curious and wish to see if it’s a bird or a plane, all you’ll get to see, is a hefty fine or jail-time.

This is only on Thursdays and in public, by the way. On all other days, you may fart near any dinner table, even at open air restaurants.

And if you do die, you’ll have to spend 5 years in prison.

They consider flushing toilets to be a noise pollutant, but not the noise from the defecation that precedes it.

But if it was legal, would that restaurant be running? Or would you be running from the restaurant?

Yes, the dogs are cute. You… are not.

The secret to an enduring marriage. Forced tolerance.

They serve no pessimists there, I’m guessing.

But what if you run out of battery in an electric car?

Also, it is illegal to be argumentative in a court of law or to quench your thirst with water.

Meanwhile, in India, you’ll see people spewing torrents of gutka everyday, so nonchalantly, it’ll seem like it’s mandatory.

While over here, mangliks may marry trees or dogs.

Sure, because a man carrying a gun AND wearing a bulletproof vest would be totally unfair.

And if you do forget, then “lack of intimacy” is struck off as a legit ground for seeking divorce.

I think in India it should now be illegal to name your daughter “sheila”, “munni” or “savita”.

What’d ya think, feminists?

They really, really care for their aged.

If you’re an Indian and you say you’re gay, we just don’t believe you. We just laugh it off and say something like ” dekh bhai, Hrithik toh sabko pasand hai, magar… nothing can justify wearing pants as tight as yours, c’mon.”

These are some codes even a cryptologist couldn’t decipher.