Our four-legged friends don't get enough love. So here's a few stories that'll remind you just why humans and dogs are BFFs.  

1. Four stray dogs saved a newborn baby found in a dumpster in Bengal.

A schoolteacher discovered an abandoned newborn baby protected by 4 stray pups. When people took the baby to a hospital, the pups followed.

Source: Indianexpress

2. This hero dog saved his owner from a rattlesnake.

Todd the golden retriever, just 6 months old at the time, jumped in front of his owner while he was on a trek, as he spotted a rattlesnake. Todd got bit and suffered a swollen snout in the process.

Source: Telegraph

3. This dog saved his owner from lions in Amreli.

When a shepherd in Ambardi village was attacked by 3 lions while grazing his sheep, his dog began barking violently, scaring off the lions and alerting the attention of the locals.

Source: Bnqt

4. This dog saved his human's life by keeping him warm in freezing conditions.

When Bob fell and broke his neck in the snow, he was unable to move or call for help. However, his dog Kelsey lay on top of him, keeping him warm for over 20 hours. Kelsey also barked, alerting passersby who finally came to the rescue.

Source: Ndtv

5. This dog sacrificed himself to save his owner from a knife attack.

Sumiti Devendra of Mumbai was attacked with a knife by her neghbour. However, her dog, Lucky sacrificed himself, getting stabbed in the process.

Source: Indiatv

6. This dog saved its family from a disastrous landslide in Kerala.

During the devastating Kerala floods, Mohanan P and his family were fast asleep at 3 am when their dog, Rocky started barking. They realised there was a landslide in their house's path, and vacated the place in the nick of time.

Source: News18

7. Caesar, the dog who sniffed out hand grenades during the 26/11 attacks.

Caesar was part of the search team during the Mumbai attacks. He sniffed out two hand grenades left by the terrorists at the busy CST railway station. Sadly, he passed away in 2016.

Source: Thehindu

8. These dogs helping their owner push his car.

9. This canine who lives for borks, boops and rock 'n roll.

10. Ruby the dog was too playful to herd sheep, so she takes care of baby animals on a farm instead!

11. This dog who escorts 2 orphan children to and from school every day.

12. Storm the dog saved a drowning baby deer by jumping into the water and pulling her out.

13. Ben the dog rescued children from a house fire.

Ben the dog alerted his family when their house was on fire late at night, saving all their lives in the process.

Source: Hillspet

14. Nalla the dog saved her owner from a robbery, despite getting shot in the process.

Nalla's owner, a woman living alone, was attacked by robbers. Nalla chased them off, but got shot in the forelimb however. Nalla's leg had to be amputated, but she survived.

15. This dog bit a power cable to to save his owner from being electrocuted.

A 65-year-old farmer's dog tried to save his owner after the man touched a live wire in Tamil Nadu. The dog bit the wire, trying to get it off his owner, but lost his life in the process.

Source: Unilad

16. 2 dogs saved a girl's life in Chennai by chasing away an attacked with a knife.

17. This mama dog saved her pup and a forest officer from a leopard attack.

A dog in Himachal Pradesh scared off and even slightly injured a leopard that had strayed into the area. She saved her pup, as well as divisional forest officer Mrityunjay Madhav.

Source: Dogtime

18. This furball 'rescuing' a little girl from drowning in the ocean.

19. This dog saved a baby from an abusive babysitter.

Killian, and otherwise friendly dog, would bark and growl at the babysitter every time she came to take care of young finn. Finn's parents finally caught her abusing their baby on a hidden cam, something they wouldn't have discovered if it hadn't been for their loyal dog.

Source: Dogtime

20. Brutus the dog saved a child and now acts as the child's therapy dog.

Brutus' owners have a kid who suffers from a seizure condition. Brutus can sense when one is about to come on, and quickly alerts the adults in the house.

21. These dogs pulling their owner to safety from a mock drowning.

22. This dog saving a kid from being kidnapped at the park.

23. This stray dog saving a woman from a robbery.

24. This blind dog that saved a woman from drowning.

25. This dog 'saving' a kid from the water whether he likes it or not.

26. This rescue dog who saved its owner from a home invasion.

A woman in Louisville, Kentucky found a man standing in her kitchen. Luckily, her rescue pit bull Layla attacked the invader, driving him away.

Source: Lifewithdogs

27. This dog who died protecting her owner from a knife attack.

When Lisa Potts' ex-boyfriend tried attacking her with a knife, her dog Lucy came to her rescue. She bit the attacker, and got stabbed in the neck in the process. However, she bought Lisa enough time to call for help.

Source: Unilad

28. This dog who rescued a freezing baby in Siberia.

An abandoned 2-year-old in Siberia left in -6 degree weather was miraculously saved by his dog, who huddled around him and kept him warm till help arrived.

Source: Honesttopaws

29. This police dog helping out in the fight against a resisting suspect.

30. This beagle who saved a girl from being kidnapped.

When a 11-year-old girl was being dragged into a car by an attacker, her brave pup repeatedly bit the man in the leg. This afforded the girl a chance to escape.

Source: Wbli

31. This dog who found a girl who was missing for 10 days.

32. This dog who saved his owner from a falling tree branch.

A falling tree branch could have killed Ron Graham. Luckily, his dog, Willow, pushed him out of the way just in time.

Source: Barefootcas

33. This husky who saved 7 kittens from freezing and now takes care of them.

Banner the husky led her owner into forest, where someone had left a box with 7 kittens who were barely alive. Banner's owner got them home, and Banner now takes care of them like they are her children.

Source: Metro

34. This dog who saved its owner after she broke her hip in a canyon.

35. This dog that saves its human from hurting herself when she faints.

Dogs can 'smell' your blood pressure, sensing when you're about to faint. This dog helps its human by softening her fall when she faints, so she doesn't hurt herself.

36. This dog proving that you'll always be safe with a furry friend.

37. These dog moms asking their humans to save their puppies.

38. This guide dog that saved its instructor's life from a speeding car.

39. This military dog who subdued her attackers despite getting shot, saving her team in the process.

40. Lucca the military dog has done over 400 missions, and not a single life has ever been lost under her watch.

41. This tiny poodle who saved a family from a bear attack, sacrificing its own life in the process.

42. This rescue dog saved a 7-year-old girl from a rattlesnake.

43. This pitbull who gave its life to save its owner from a knife attack.

44. This dog that alerts parents when their diabetic son has an imbalance.

45. This dog who loves howling along with his owner.

46. This dog being a boss on the piano.

47. This dog who saved a man from a bull.

48. These dogs welcoming soldiers home.

49. This dog rescuing his friend from a raging river.

50. This dog who saved its owner from a moose attack.

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