Have you caught yourself wondering when you will be rich enough to travel all around the world? When will you live that Indian dream of 'ghar, gaadi, and an international trip at least once a year'? I mean you know you spend most of your salary on rent, and conveyance, and booze, and rent. Your salary might not be that great to begin with because all of us didn't pursue an MBA in finance or become investment bankers.

So millennials, what if we tell you that there are a few locations in the world where you can go chill at with just a little bit of saving (seriously, try)? Don't believe us? 

Here are 15 places you can plan a vacay to with a budget of Rs 50,000.

Do remember though, you will have to book the tickets at least 2 months in advance, and that your accommodation will not be 5-star resorts but cosy old home stays, hostels, and couch surfers' havens. 

1. Indonesia

Experience great food, rich cultural heritage, old temples, beaches and summit with views that will take your breath away. Also, volcano tours, anyone? 

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹25,000, from Delhi. 

Accommodation: As low as ₹500 a night in a hostel.

Source: allwaysdive

2. Sri Lanka

Beaches, delectable food, and an array of mythological stories brought to live in temples, and architecture, Sri Lanka will surely tantalize your senses with its pristine beaches, and also your hunger to learn about new things. 

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹20,000, from Delhi. Cheaper if you travel from Kochi.

Accommodation: As low as ₹900 a night. 

Source: jftours

3. Bhutan

Visit the land of Gross National Happiness (GNH), and a lot of natural wonders. Buddhist monasteries, temples and beautiful valleys await you. In Bhutan, we sugegst you to go local. Take local buses, eat locally and hopefully you will come back way happier than you left.

Round Trip Cost: Instead of a direct flight, take a domestic flight to Bagdogra at about ₹6,000 and a bus ride across the border at about ₹1,500. 

Accommodation: Stay in guest houses ranging from ₹500-₹1000. 

Source: aadyaetravel

4. Cambodia

Cycle through rice paddies, explore ruins and temples, and experience nice hospitality and even nicer people in Cambodia. This is another one that offers natural beauty set around remnants of a marvelous history. 

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹25,000, from Delhi and Mumbai. 

Accommodation: Hostels for as low as ₹700.

Source: kuoni

5. Myanmar

Trek atop high mountains to visit temples nestled in scenic beauty and calm. There is also local shopping, hot air balloon rides, and good food to be had. Cultural and historical walks shall keep you busy and entertained. 

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹24,000, from Delhi.

Accommodation: Hostels for as low as ₹700, hotels around ₹1,000.

Source: myanmar.travel

6. Turkey

Surprised? I was too. Colorful mosques, cathedrals, and buildings made with the influence of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, Istanbul will be fun, exciting and beautiful. Visit the ancient city, walk around the spice market and lose yourself in white sandy beaches, ruins, palaces.

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹35,000 

Accomodation: Stays in hostels cost around ₹1000/night at the least. 

Pro tip: Eat local food to save big for the other fun activities such as local shopping and hamams.

Source: pretraveller

7. Vietnam

This stunning country that has survived so much turbulence is a beautiful gem that offers a lot of greenery, a lot of tranquil time and also a lot for you to experiment food wise. Go and experience the three Hs: Halong Bay, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City.

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹18,000, from Delhi.

Accommodation: Hostels & backpackers' stays for as low as ₹400.

Source: vietnamairlines

8. Nepal

With stunning beauty and views that will have you transfixed, I do not know why Nepal isn't as talked about a travel destination. You will probably want to get a cottage in the mountains somewhere and never come back. 

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹9,000, from Delhi.

Accommodation: Hostels for as low as ₹300, budget hotels around ₹700.

Source: letstravelsomewhere

9. Maldives

Dreamy pristine beaches, walks in the sand, bonfires and the vast blue sky await you. Seriously so beautiful!

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹22,000, from Delhi.

Accommodation: Rooms will cost you around ₹1100 per night. 

Source: touch-travel

10. China

Colors, crowds, spices, food, bright lights, China is all this and more. There is a lot of local sightseeing to be done, and cultural, heritage sites to be checked out. Did I mention food?

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹26,000, from Delhi.

Accommodation: Stay for a night for a cost of around ₹1,100

Source: aack

 11. Egypt

No it is not all pyramids and dry lands. Remember Suez Canal from Geography class? And then there are markets, monuments and the river Nile as well. Try not missing the Sphinx of course.

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹26,000, cheaper if you fly from Mumbai.

Accommodation: Stay for a night for a cost of around ₹1,000

Source: worldtravelguide

12. Singapore

Shopping, leisure time, and a lot of food, but not just that; Singapore offers much to see in terms of nature walks, beach tours, art, and wildlife tours as well. 

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹27,000, from Delhi.

Accommodation: Stay for a night for a cost of around ₹1,500

Source: traveldaily

13. South Korea

There is the dazzling city lights and then there is the scenic beauty of the countryside. There are heritage sites, national parks, hills where you can trek and coast lines you can explore. And the city of Seoul of course!

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹35,000, from Delhi, cheaper from Kolkata if you book in advance.

Accommodation: Stay for a night for around ₹1,500

Source: worldtravelguide

14. Sultanate of Oman

A beautiful (and very clean) country,  big royal palaces, pristine beaches and lively markets await you here. And don't forget Muscat’s Grand Mosque, and old forts. Also, Desert Safari, anyone?

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹17,000, from Delhi.

Accommodation: Stay for a night for a cost of around ₹2,000

Source: themisanthropesjournal

 15. Moscow

The land which will give you Aladdin's Arabia feels, Moscow is the cultural capital of Russia where lot of tourists throng. Street markets, modern art, cathedrals, historical and architectural museums are some of the things to experience.

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹26,000, from Delhi.

Accommodation: Stay for a night in a hostel around ₹500, hotels can go up to ₹1,500.

Source: visainvitation

 Start saving up, homies! I already am.