What if we told you, what you are about to see is being touted as the scariest (and also the most disturbing) movie trailer of 2017? 

Joel Edgerton is in a horror movie. Yes, something he hasn't done since his directorial venture The Gift which was widely praised for its psychological thriller elements. The film looks like it has similar elements from some of the more recent successful horror films like Don't Breathe, 10 Cloverfield Lane and Train to Busan.

It Comes At Night is a horror-thriller, set in a secluded house deep into the wild, involving men (who may or may not trust each other), confronted by an insurmountable fear. If the trailer is anything to go by, the movie should be pretty good. However is it this year's most terrifying trailer? Watch and decide for yourselves.

There is an eerie red door, a lot of screaming and a very disturbing kiss. 

Here's the full trailer: 

A good horror film? We're always game. Will it be worth all the hype? We will find out.