Eating in the buff is the newest fad in town and Japan's upcoming nude restaurant, The Amrita has been raising eyebrows not only for its birthday suit theme but also its discriminatory rules.

The Amrita had initially banned overweight customers and people aged above 60 from its doors. However, after a huge backlash from people who slammed them for their discriminatory rules, Huffington Post India reported that they have lifted the ban on what they term as 'Godzilla'-like people and those up to the age of 120 (go, figure) for a whole two days. Wow.

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According to the continued feedback from their slimmer, younger customers who seem to absolutely love rules and a healthy lifestyle, The Amrita will continue its ban after these 2 days, i.e 26th and 27th August.

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Even people with tattoos will not be allowed as they are associated with crime syndicates such as the Yakuzas. In fact, the Daily Mail reports that if a patron is found to be overweight but beautiful the management may or may not choose to allow them to enter. Gee, thanks. If that isn't insulting enough, if a diner is suspected to weigh more than the average height to weight ratio, they are weighed by the staff and the advance paid through the website for table reservation will not be refunded.

You see, The Amrita is aiming to achieve a certain 'Roman aesthetic'. The restaurant told AFP that “If fat people are allowed in it could be miserable for some guests. Guests can see the guidelines clearly on our homepage. We are aiming for a sort of Roman aesthetic, like the beautiful paintings you see in museums.”

Hmm that clears it all up.

Source: Soxak

If you do manage to get past the door after the beauty, flab and age specifications, you will be served a meal which will cost you a whopping £525. But hey! To be fair, the said meal will be served by nude males in g-strings. Charming.

Sure after hearing themselves being described as Godzilla, plump customers will just flock to the restaurant.