“We must take care of our families wherever we find them.” Elizabeth Gilbert

As the quote says, one of the most important things to us humans is our family. No matter where we are or whatever we do, our basic instinct is to protect them and make sure they are safe. The bond that we share with them is unique and unbreakable. And this universal truth holds true for the soldiers of our nation as well. 

These real-life heroes spend their entire lives at the border to protect millions they might never get to meet. Millions that include you and your loved ones.

That said, while they may be away from their families, like all of us, even they do whatever it takes to ensure their safety. This emotion of theirs has been perfectly captured by JK Super Cement's new ad that showcases the homecoming of an Indian soldier. Whether it was at the Line Of Control or even on his way back home, this soldier never lost focus of how his home was to be built.