Joey Tribbiani is what the show FRIENDS was about. Make no mistake, there were 5 other perfectly weird characters that made us laugh for 10 years. But Joey was just different. 

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His character was a struggle between a 15-year-old mind controlling an adult body. Like Shazam. Except, Joey's superpowers include eating an entire turkey and still having space for dessert. 

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Joey was the heart of the show. He lived for his friends. Sure, he was a bit stupid but he showed real maturity and clarity when it came to serious matters involving his friends.

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He successfully managed to hide Monica and Chandler's relationship from the rest of the group because they weren't prepared for the world to know. He even took the blame for making a sex tape. 

Hell, he was even more responsible than Ross in certain matters. He actually took Rachel to the hospital when she thought she was going into labour. 

And when Emma came along, he even gave her Hugsy!

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We all know the Tribbianis love their meat, none more than Joey.

But when Phoebe was pregnant, he stopped eating non-vegetarian food in front of her because it made her sick. 

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When he actually found out about Phoebe's pregnancy, he proposed to her so that she wouldn't have to be a single mother. 

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In the beginning, he broke up with Phoebe's twin Ursula because he had to choose between one of them and he couldn't stop being friends with Phoebe. 

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Monica might have been Chandler's wife but Joey was his soulmate. 

Joey wasn't as bright as the rest of them. So he never had to over think or think for that matter, about what was appropriate and what wasn't. 

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Which explains the matching friendship band he gave to Chandler after getting a big gig. He even tried to pee on Monica after she was stung by a jellyfish. And he promised to do the same to any of his friends if they suffered said misfortune.

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He was always there with the hugs and the kisses when Chandler needed them.

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Even after Chandler kissed Kathy and broke his heart, Joey forgave him and allowed him to pursue her. 

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He loved Rachel. He even liked her beef trifle.

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When she was pregnant, he was the one who welcomed her into his house, took care of her throughout the pregnancy and after Emma's birth. And despite his feelings, he understood that nobody could love Rachel like Ross and let her go. 


When Monica's colleagues at her restaurant didn't respect her, Joey volunteered to be the guy she pretended to hire so that she could fire him in front of everyone to set an example. 

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When Ross was thrown out of Emily's apartment and had nowhere to live, Joey invited him to stay with Chandler and him. He even cuddled with Ross.

BTW, Joey was the minister in both Monica and Chandler's and Phoebe and Mike's weddings.

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Like I said, Joey is what FRIENDS was all about. And it reflected in the way the story ended for him. 

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Everybody had a partner. All except Joey. All he needed, was his friends.